The Phenomena Of Trivia Night, Its Origins, and Where The Trivia Night Questions Come From

In most parts of the US, bars and restaurants struggle to maintain weeknight customers. On the weekends, Friday and Saturday, they commonly have lines of customers waiting to get in, especially if they are a well known location with good food, drinks and service. The rest of the week they most likely struggle because people are to busy with other things, they can’t stay out too late in the evenings, and they certainly won’t want to drink too much then go to work the next day. That has brought about a phenomena called trivia night or pub quiz. This was designed to bring in a crowd on weeknights to eat, drink, and enjoy competing for prizes by answering trivia questions. Here are some of the basics of the game.

The Originated In England In The 1970s according to Wikipedia

In England they were called pub quizzes and they tended to bring in a different crowd of people than the regular Friday-Saturday groups. This was an advantage since not everyone can afford to drink every night of the week, both for economic and health reasons.

Although any pub or bar could start its own trivia game with their own trivia night questions, many of the bars in the UK entered into a national game called the Great British Pub Quiz Challenge. At one point there were nearly 10,000 teams competing for prizes in the UK. In the US there is an estimated 2,000 weekly trivia night quizzes in various cities around the country.

There Are Now Specialty Companies That Produce The Quizzes

In order for the patrons of the bar to have confidence in the game, and not have doubts about cheating, many bars have started using outside companies to run their trivia nights. The company is then in charge of putting together the trivia night questions and hosting the event in various bars across the country. This helps eliminate the possibility of cheating by sharing the questions with contestants before a match.

One major difference between the games in the US and the UK is that the games in the US are typically free to enter. In the UK, where gambling is legal, teams pay an entrance fee and prizes are awarded that have a much higher value. In the US, prizes are usually limited to drink tabs and gift certificates normally.

Trivia Nights Pay Off In Most Bars

Some of the larger third party companies that organize and host the events in various bars, mostly in New York, stress that an increase in nightly sales of 300% is common. This is an excellent selling point for most bars and restaurants that struggle to fill seats on Mondays through Thursdays.

Some promoters do exaggerate their success but even bars admit that they experience a healthy increase in the range of 30-65% on trivia nights.

If you’re looking for a fun time on a week night, it’s worth checking out trivia night at a local bar or grill. The crowds do get lively and there are lots of drink specials on weeknights that make for even more fun than usual.

Why You Should Consider Hosting A Trivia Night

Are you looking for new and appealing ways to entertain your circle of friends? Instead of asking people to come over and eat dinner or watch TV, you should think about hosting a trivia night. Challenging your friends with trivia questions can be a lot of fun, and it can make for a very memorable night.

Hosting A Trivia Night Is Easy

You shouldn’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to host some sort of trivia game. It’s easy to put a night like this together. In fact, there are games like Trivial Pursuit that do most of the work for you.

Of course, you don’t have to use a game for your questions if you don’t want to. It’s possible for you to put your own spin on things. You can come up with your own questions and can even give the night some kind of theme. You can come up with an event that’s perfect for your circle of friends.

It’s A Great Way To Create Some Low-Stake Competition

While you might not want to engage in an intense competition with your friends, a little bit of competition can actually be very healthy. Competing against people can be energizing, whether you win or lose.

Since this is just a game of trivia between friends, the stakes won’t be very high. You can give out prizes if you like, or the winners can just get bragging rights. Your friends will have the chance to compete with each other, but no one will have to put themselves through any stress.

It Allows People To Use Their Minds

Answering trivia questions is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp. When people are racking their brains for the answers to the questions that you asked, they’ll be able to recall information they might have forgotten otherwise.

It’s important for people to exercise their brains from time to time. Trivia games can help people to keep their mind sharp. When you put your brain to work, you’ll be able to think more quickly. Developing your brain can also reduce your risk of dementia and similar health conditions.

You Can Combine Trivia Questions With Other Events

A night like this doesn’t have to be focused on trivia and trivia alone. You can easily combine trivia with another sort of event. For example, if you’re having the party before the midnight release of a new film, you could ask questions about the film franchise. You could ask sports-related questions before a big game. There are a lot of different options.

People often think of a specific sort of question when they think about trivia. However, you can actually ask any questions that you like. You can use trivia to enhance an otherwise ordinary event.

You should think about hosting a trivia night with your closest friends. As you can see, asking trivia questions can make for hours of entertainment. Once you host your first trivia night, people will want you to recreate this event again and again.

Trivia, Trivia,Trivia

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