How to Host a Trivia Night

Trivia nights are all the rage right now, and it is easy to see why. Trivia nights or quiz nights are usually hosted by bars and restaurants. These events are quite easy to find are a fun and exciting way to spend an evening. Here are some tips to running your own trivia night.

Trivia nights work well for bars because it draws crowds. People from all over the area will come to eat, drink, and play the trivia game. Trivia nights often times become a tradition for groups of friends and will create regular customers for your business.

One of the first matters of business is finding a master of ceremony or an MC. The MC has a large responsibility. They need to not only run trivia night but help keep the customers engaged and begging for more. It is a good idea to choose someone who is good with crowds, funny, and someone who is good at improvising. The MC will also need to keep the night moving by keeping time and making sure the teams are following the rules. There should be a no looking on smartphones or texting friends to get answers.

It is also a good idea to have some sort of prize involved. Many trivia nights offer a cash prize or free drink coupons. Whatever it is, a good prize has the ability to ignite people’s competitive side and will keep them coming back.

Trivia Nights often work best when there is a theme involved. This means that all of the questions asked are from a topic. These topics can be changed up or you can even have certain themed trivia nights on a specific day of the month. Here are some popular trivia night themes:

This type of trivia night is perfect for the music lover. The questions span all types of music genres and can be difficult to answer even for the most music obsessed. The MC can ask people to “name that tune,” they can ask about different artists and their backgrounds, they can ask you to name different biographical facts about bands.

Movie buffs will love the category. The MC will be sure to ask about topics such as awards, different actresses or actors, popular films in a certain time era, or names of obscure but noteworthy films. There may even be questions about movie scores or where movies were filmed.

Sports are a really fun theme for trivia night. These questions range from Olympic facts, figuring out the name of sports with very specific clues, stats, record breakers, and team trivia.

High School Trivia
This is a very fun idea that can involve almost anyone. The MC will ask questions about your favorite high school subjects such as Drivers Ed, American History, Geometry, and English Literature.

Finally, advertise! Make sure to let the community know about your trivia night. Make flyers to promote the night. Make sure your regular customers are excited about coming. It is a good idea to have your staff spread the word as well.